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Cause of Anxiety Roller Coaster

Calm one day, suffering from anxiety the next?

Is there a remedy for anxiety? What causes anxiety? How can you prevent anxiety attacks? 

Learning powerful know-how at SCIENTOLOGY New Haven can help you identify people who can make you…

• Feel anxious or stressed out periodically.

• Suffer from emotional ups and downs.

• Often feel depressed.

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With the right know-how, you can live a life free of emotional ups and downs and free from anxiety attacks.  You can learn what causes your life to alternate between relative clam and anxiety, often for no apparent reason. Knowing what causes this to happen will lead you to a remedy and can prevent future anxiety attacks.SCIENTOLOGY New Haven offers you a short course that can help you learn the traits of those who habitually upset others and consequently cause anxiety. There are those who try to do right in the world, but there are also those who specialize in doing wrong—and making life worse for those around them. You can learn how to spot and avoid these people.

There are a lot of ideas out there about dealing with stress, but most have proven untrustworthy. Scientology's tools for helping you identify the source of suppression in your life is unique.  They have been proven to be highly practical and highly reliable by many who are now leading happy, stable lives.

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THE EXACT KNOW-HOW you need to identify people who hold others down causing them anxiety and even depression is contained in our short course: Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life.  Contact us to…

     • Obtain more information.

     • Sign up for this course.


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More information on remedying your anxiety...

WHEN YOU SUDDENLY start making mistakes, it is caused by something.  When you feel happy and, for no apparent reason, suddenly start feeling down, somebody made this happen.There are specific types of personality—those who wish people well and those who are ill-intentioned.If you have experienced a roller coaster of emotion or ups and downs in your life, someone around you could be suppressing you—squashing you or trying to make you smaller.

The way to detect the ill-intentioned person and how to deal with that personality type can be found in the Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Course.   On this course you will learn to...

• Know which people in your life are slyly tearing you down.

• Deal effectively with people who will do you harm.

• Recognize your true friends from those who work against you.

With the know-how to deal with the causes behind your misfortunes, you can change your life for the better, make those ups and downs a thing of the past and aspire to your highest goals.

This short course is available at the Church of Scientology, New Haven which is located at 980 Whalley Avenue in the Westville section of New Haven.  The cost of the course is $50 and takes six days part time to complete.

Our service hours are 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM, Monday - Friday and 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM, Saturday and Sunday.  For your convenience, your study schedule can be tailored within our service hours to fit into your life.

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Want a personality that fosters success?

Any personality trait that is undesirable can hold you back.

Overcoming Ups & Downs in Life Testimonials

“I learned about people in my life who are there to tear me down or build me up.  I learned the characteristics of them so now I can see it in people with whom I surround myself.  This will help me remove the negative people.” J.S.“This has been the best experience while studying a course on people and personalities.  Human behavior has always interested me and has been one of my favorite studies.  This course explained everything that was missing from all the other books I’d read.  I understand the how, why, what and when, and I can feel free now.” S.P.“The data in this course helped me understand the condition I was in.  As I applied this knowledge, my life began to change almost immediately.  I realized who was constructive and also the disastrous people and why they may be this way.  This helped me to know my true friends and the people I can trust.  It helped me to deal with things that I thought I had no control over.  I can use this knowledge to improve my life and be successful.” C.F.

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